How we grow up


The company started in 2004 where the main objective is to concentrate on Oil & Gas industry as well as petrol stations, fast-food restaurants and its development. Through the years the company feels that they need to venture into other segment. In 2007 the group has decided to start their property consultant company and it’s called Prolander Properties where the major concentration is more on investment; selling and buying properties throughout the country. Its major specialization is Leasing, Sub-Sales Project and Project Marketing.

In 2012 we decided to open a hybrid company of Prolander Resources that offers the project client to provide the best combination of project control and cost providing consulting services where needed. The company concentrating more in getting the project either from the government or even private sector in line with our specialization, especially landscaping, house & office interior renovation, as well as maintenance of the building and security services. Recently the company acquires shares in Qaiser Harta Sdn Bhd which is a property valuation firm that allow the group and these subsidiaries to focus on property valuation and full services of real estate portfolio. 


Completed Projects


Satisfied Costumers


Working Hours


To ensure that property owners, client secures high returns on their properties, we offer our uncompromised services and a totally impartial viewpoint.


Create diversity by combining expertise in planning, real estate, urban economics, land management and maintenance and trading services to provide comprehensive advice on all aspects of the property business.



Maximize the number of our project customers at all times. We strive to produce solutions at cost effective and reduce operating expenses. As such, it can increase capital and ensure better financial bids for any projects that are primarily involved in real estate resources. We also have customers from government level and with various private sector customers including developers, landowners, retailers, financial institutions and pension plans.