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Corporate Real Estate is involved Property Investment, Property Management, Facilities Management, Corporate Real Estate and Asset Management which CRE strategically make assets to enhance the value of a business. Actually, role of the CRE as a strategic asset is to maximize the value of properties. In CRE, whether, the property is held as an investment asset or operational asset, the objective should be the same; maximizing the value by Finance, Social, Cultural and etc.


At Prolander and its subsidiaries, one of our core competencies lies in project constructions, with an emphasis on petrol station development and its services such as fast food restaurants. Our constructions team is well trained with many notable projects under their collective belts.


Our valuation services cover of properties. We offer useful valuations for many different purposes such as :

  • Sales and Purchases
  • Mortgage
  • Fire Insurance
  • Capital Issue
  • Land Compulsory Acquisition Compensation
  • Assessment, including objections and negotiations
  • Stamp duty
  • Real Property Gains Tax
  • Estate Duty


We do attractive and functional public parks, gardens, playgrounds, residential areas, college campuses, and public spaces. We plan the locations of buildings, roads, walkways, flowers, shrubs, and trees within these environments. We will make final touch up for the landscape architecture.


We do renovations for petrol station most of the time. We provide development proposal to the renovations of the petrol station and it services. We hire the best and professional company to join with us for the renovation purposes. We are pioneer in renovate existing petrol station to give brand new life. We also do renovations for other building like service center, show rooms, fast food restaurants and Muslim mosque as well as selected house owner and private offices if the opportunity arise.


Property management services cover preparation of leasing and management programs to ensure client achieves optimum return and value appreciation in investment. When a building is fully completed, the service of a property manager is essential to maintain its investment value.
Our services include:

  • Tenancy services:
    Promoting and marketing the space available within the premises, advising tenancy agreement, rental collection, rent review, attending to complaints of tenants and payment of bills.
  • Building Services:
    Cleaning and up keeping of buildings, repairs and maintenance of the building components, electrical, mechanical and fabric as well as security control.
  • Security Services:
    We ensure the security of our customers is safe and secure with strict controls.
  • Parking Services:
    We are eager to be given a chance to operate parking services at any area that will help the customer to park their vehicles as safest possible.
  • Petrol Station Services:
    We also provide consultancy jobs for downstream oil, petrol station and it’s services.


We will market your property and development not only in newspapers but also in property portal internet sites, business journal magazine as well as developing professionally detailed flyers and marketing packages.